V is for Vermillion

Liquer mead is lovely stuff. Tonight was the first night my youngest slept in a ‘big’ bed, so Hubby and I have been camped out in the loungeroom making sure she stays in her bed. She only got up eight times before finally falling asleep. Of course Hubby put on ‘Paul’ the movie with Simon Pegg – it is a fab and I got distracted. Then we had a glass of mead each (I’m not into wine or beer, I love me liquers and sweet stuff). Of course it is now 10.50pm and I’m a little wobbly (only a little, I don’t do drunk), but I must do my post, so here it is, whatever it is 😀

V is for Vermillion. I love the colour vermillion, but as I asked Hubby the other day, is it orange or red? I’m voting orange, but of course, Hubby votes red. This is not a first. Hubby and I often have disagreements on colour names, most often when it comes to blues and purples. We’ve had extensive discussions on blues and purples.

V is for Vermilion (see, this time I spelt it right). Apparently also called Cinnabar (link to Wikipedia article).

Now looking at the screen of my computer, that definitely looks red. But if I pick up a couple of tubes of paint I have stashed here, vermilion definitely looks orange. This was done with Vermilion labelled paint.

Journal bubbles

Definitely orange in my books.

I suspect that individual colour perception varies. It would be hard to compare scientifically exactly what any of us really see, because beyond the hardwiring in our eyes and brains there will always be an emotional component tied to colour.

Imagine the four walls around you painted entirely in vermilion and then shudder. Now that would be an aggravating room. So is it orange or red?

Okay, I admit it, this post has been pretty lame, but as it is nearly midnight, I’m scooting off to bed. I did do a background in my journal for this topic, but I haven’t finished it to any displayable degree. I have done some work on my mermaid painting for my daughter today, but I’ll talk about that later.

Hope you’re having a good week.

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Best wishes,
(yawning extensively)