Unknown expression

29 Faces Sunday Sketches

I have to say that I don’t think I’ll get 29 faces done, but for what I do get done, it has been a valuable exercise. I have at least one painting in mind from one of the sketches and another proved to me that I actually know more about faces than I thought I did and it has boosted my confidence in that area

This week I only managed a paltry one and not a good one at that.

Unknown expressionA don’t know exactly what expression I was aiming for, though I do know I was trying for a particular one, but in any case it did not hit the mark. I’m really not sure what his expression actually is. I’ve labelled this one a dud, but I promised that I would put them all up, so I hereby present my dud. Go check out all the other more successful artists over at the 29 faces challenge.

I spent the rest of the week either completely stuffed (it wasn’t a great week), or towards the end of the week, working on my paper mosaic from the Monthly Painters Challenge. Still along way to go, but I’ve done a little more and even though it isn’t really Sunday Sketches material, I thought I’d throw in an update here anyway.

I blogged about the development and work-in-progress of this piece here.

yellow-purple WIP2

Gratuitous yarn close up.

yellow-purple wip2a

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