The importance of others’ art in your art practice

No art this week,  I’ve been mostly lying around the house recovering from an old back injury that flared up on Monday morning for no identifiable reason other than it felt like ruining my week. ::puts on grumpy face::

However, I still have art I haven’t shared from earlier this year and this piece demonstrates why you can not work alone and why you need other artists’ art work in your life.

I was pretty stagnant in my art early this year. I had time off work, but I think last year’s crazy schedule burnt me out a little and nothing was working for me very well for the first six months. Then we bought the new television. I love my new television, I have raved about it in another post and the wonderful Draw with Jazza. You wouldn’t believe the impact that guy has had in our house – the kids have gone nuts for copic markers (I’m thinking Santa may be spending some time in the art shop this year). But I took the chance to sit back on my comfy new lounge in front of my fabulous new TV and explore art.

I came across this artist – Ryan O’Rourke – and watched a couple of his ten minute painting videos and eventually stumbled across this one.

I don’t know why, but this one hooked me. I was desperate to paint anything, it was nine o’clock at night on a work night, and I thought to myself, I have half an hour, I’m doing it now.
The following was tracked on my Instagram (follow me on Instagram 😀 I often do things like this when I’m arting).


cherry blossom wip1

I set myself a timer at 30 minutes (there was no way I’d manage it in 10 minutes, forget it). It should be noted that non-arting does not preclude a messy studio 😀


The 30 minute mark – yeah, well, I did try 😀


Cherry Blossom by Liz Powley

Another 40 minutes later – so a good hour and ten minutes for my 30 minute painting 😀 – finished.


So I had me a completed painting 😀 I wouldn’t necessarily call it a good painting, but it did what I needed it to do  – it got me arting. This was 23 July 2017. On 25 July, I did this:

blue wren wip1

Studio still a mess and photography needs improvement 😀

Which became this:


And from that came a video, teaching me important skills and forcing me to revive my little YouTube channel. Follow me on YouTube, I have evil plans 😀

26 July saw this happen:


Which also has a better and faster video than the previous one. All the while, I’m learning new skills.

My little train of inspiration sent me of on another painting which I haven’t really shared here yet, so I’ll save that for another post, and an array of little video adventures along the way. But the key point here is that it got me going and through several paintings and all the stamps work over the last few months, I have been producing, because I got that kickstart.

If you get stuck, often watching other artists or immersing yourself in others’ art can set off that elusive inspiration needed to send you running for your paints.

Now a quick note on plagiarism. I don’t recommend copying another’s work. I will admit that I’m of two minds as to whether I should offer my cherry blossom painting for sale (if anyone would want it). It was really the original artist’s idea and although mine doesn’t look much like his and I added elements that differ from his (and mine isn’t anywhere as good as his), I’m not sure I’m comfortable claiming it as fully mine. What do you think?

In any case – never copy artwork directly then claim the result as yours – this includes working from photographs. Always use your own photographs, or request permission from the original photographer to make derivative works – and they have the right to ask for money if you do want to use such a photo. This includes anything off of Google images that doesn’t have the correct licensing information (some photos can be used, but always, always check the license before using for art you would like to sell).

One good place to get photos is or you can pay for a photo from any stock photo website (check the license you purchase to make sure you can do what you want to do with the photo). For human forms and life drawing, I can highly recommend purchasing from (not work safe, contains nudity, but in a artistic professional manner), their prices are very reasonable and affordable.

And that went a little off track into copyright land…oops. Anyway, there is a great deal of value in joining a community of artists like Paint Party Friday or even a group that physically meets regularly. It helps to share the inspiration (one of the reasons I post here on my website – Art is a journey best shared). Or even just opening an art magazine or visiting a gallery, seeing others’ inspiration can easily set off your’s like fireworks.

And I can pretty much say that the above line of fire sent me into posting on this website again and hence sharing a little of my own with everyone one else. Pass on the inspiration!

This is my submission for this week’s Paint Party Friday, so go over there and get yourself inspired.

Art always!

Best wishes,