Sunday Sketches

Sunday Sketches

I had plans for this Sunday Sketches. I was going to get out the neglected Inktense Pencils and tackle a project I’ve had in mind for some time.

But I’ve been crook all day and am likely to be crook for several more days. The annoying thing is, my eldest daughter went out with my sister today and my youngest went to bed, so there was FREE time this afternoon!

What did I do with it? I went to bed and slept the lot of it away. I could have done art. I could have done a pile of things, but I slept. Very annoying.

So consequently I don’t have a Sunday Sketches specific drawing to share today. What I do have, however, is one of the many posts I have done this week. So I’ll offer you two and you can decide which is most applicable for Sunday Sketches.

ย Ice Crystal wip

M is for Mosaic

(featuring my current work-in-progress)

Do you remember those Butterfly Paintings back in B is for Butterfly? This is the next stage. Basically I created the butterfly painting in blues, let it dry, cut it up randomly with a pair of scissors, sorted the pieces by tone, painted a small canvas with graduated colour (see below for an in progress shot) and then began semi-randomly putting the pieces together.

ย Drawing exercise 1

L is for Line

(featuring some sketching/drawing work from my past)

One of the assignments we were given was to draw a picture six times in six different ways. It did prove to be a challenging exercise and introduced me to the concept of different linework and some of the interesting effects that can be achieved.

So sorry about the lack of a specific project, I do like to have something for Sunday Sketches as much as possible, but I’ve felt like crud all day and this is the result.

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Best wishes,
(not as buzzy as usual)