Speeding up the painting

Well, it has been forever since I posted, and I’m seriously considering overhauling my website simply because it isn’t fully catering to my needs right now – I have a whole pile of products I need to add to my shop and the website isn’t showcasing my latest work….eh, I’ll get there – I spend more time maintaining clients’ websites than I do mine.

But! Painting! After a long drought on the painting scene (I’ve been beading instead), I finally jumped back into my acrylics with a couple of little sketches. The purpose of these is an attempt to speed up my painting and some general practise. They are, of course, for sale. Also, I’ve used the exercise to teach myself some basic video editing and add to my YouTube channel for the first time in about five years. So painting, yay!

First up was a cute little blue fairy wren.

Blue Fairy Wren


And here be the video of me painting it 😀


And I got so excited about completing a painting (in an hour and a half, not the 30 minutes I had attempted, but, hey! Finished :D) I painted a Zebra Finch the next day. The finch was more trouble than the wren, mainly because I did it after work with kids running around, but I am happy enough with the result.

zebra finch


And here be the video for the finch which I completed putting together this afternoon 😀

So, yay, painting and video-ing and general positive feeling 😀

And since it is just now Saturday, I will share this belatedly with Paint Party Friday, make sure you drop by and have a gander at the wonderful artists over there 😀

Great to finally have something to share 😀

Best wishes,