Paint Party Friday – Pastel frangipanis

Paint Party Friday

After a nasty week involving sick children, sick hubby, sick sister and sick me, I am slowly surfacing back into the real world. Very little art was done this week. Very little of anything was done this week. But on Monday, before the worst of it hit, I had a short time to play with my pastels.

Whether pastel work is painting or drawing, I have no idea, but I’ve referred to them as pastel paintings for ages, so I figure they fit with the challenge.

Anyways, this one has a story behind it. It was started way back when I first purchased my pastels, before I had children (yeah, BC has more than one meaning :D) and I was very, very new to the medium. I’m still new, just not as new as I was then. I stuffed up part of the design and it has been sitting around my studio gathering dust for years. When I tidied up my studio last week, I discovered it again and after staring at it for sometime, trying to decide whether to chuck it or keep it, I decided to keep it and have a go at creating a piece of art from it.

So here you have my work-in-progress submission for this week’s Paint Party Friday.

FrangipanisFrangipanis, soft pastel on blue canson pastel paper, approx. 175 x 220 mm.

One thing I did notice in this is the stark contrast between my current technique and my old technique. Can you tell which part of the painting I worked on? None of it is at a finished state, but I am happy with its progress so far.

Here’s hoping I get back into the swing of things this week and get some more artwork done.

Best wishes,
(yes, that is a real name behind the Nutty)