Paint Party Friday – My day of painting

Paint Party Friday

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day here in Australia. I was rostered to work on Sunday, so I chose Saturday for my present day. What did I want? I told hubby no gifts, no cards, all I wanted was a day to do a painting. My aim was to see if I could manage to finish a painting in one day and if it was good enough I would enter it into a competition.

Wonderful Hubby agreed, and last Saturday he took care of the kids and I went outside, set up my easel, popped on my iPod and painted for the majority of the day.

Unfortunately I didn’t finish it and it won’t be entered in any competition, but it does have some value. Firstly it is my first ever painting on canvas. I felt like a real artist-type standing there in front of a big canvas, palette in one hand, brush in the other. Secondly, it is the biggest work I have attempted since I started this foray into art last year. I also learnt a lot about acrylics and had a great deal of fun just slapping it on.

Hot Wind wip

It is tentatively titled ‘Hot Wind’ and is far from finished, acrylic on canvas, 7,620 x 10,160mm. It is a follow on from a smaller painting I did last year – Fallen. I’m finding that I really like working with the subject of fire. I know what I’ve created is far from realistic and much closer to abstract, but my aim is to get that feeling of heat and movement, and although this one isn’t finished yet and I’ve had a touch of negative feedback about it, I’m still enjoying the process and the result could be worse.

I have some other ideas for compositions based on fire that I might try once I’ve finished this one.

So that was my long awaited painting day. Now I just need to find the time to finish it.

(who has four paintings in progress at the moment and a few ideas teed up…I really should finish something)