On display for all the world to see

It is not well known on this website because I don’t tend to mention it much, but I’m also trained in graphic design and do both graphic design and web design for artists, small businesses and non-profit organisations. The reason I don’t advertise it is because while I enjoy it, it is not the purpose of this website, which is to showcase my fine art more than my graphic art.

But this week I was a little tickled pink when the brand new signs at our local primary school went up displaying the logo I designed for them late last year.

clapham primary school

The logo is based on the leaves of a local tree (endemic to the Adelaide area), Eucalyptus microcarpa (Grey Box) which when juvenile has different shaped leaves than the more mature leaves, hence the development stages of the leaf – learning and growing just like the kids.

So yeah, even though I didn’t paint the sign, or even have my signature anywhere, I did design the logo and this is my art on display just as much as any of my paintings. So yeah, just a little quiet excitement at work ๐Ÿ˜€

As for my fine art and putting it on show…

I have four paintings still in exhibition at the Goolwa Art and Photography Exhibition down south.

goolwa exhibition


And this Sunday sees the launch of the Now! exhibition at Artisan Gallery, 1099ย  South Road, Melrose Park SA 5039 in which I’m exhibiting Magenta Mist, completed last weekend. Come and join us for the opening, 3 – 5pm at the Gallery. Lots of nice art will be available to see and purchase, and not to mention the gallery owners are just fabulous people to know.

Magenta mist

Magenta Mist, paper mosaic and acrylic on wooden panel, 300 x 300mm.

And I have just entered three other paintings into another exhibition and have two more exhibitions lined up in the following two months. My fine art business is getting busy! Yay! And as I mentioned in my last post, it is all about production in this brand new funky studio of mine. Lots of stuff happening!

Now if I can just stop getting sick, and get through the kids birthday party to be held in my studio on Saturday, and wade through all the web maintenance tasks sitting in my task list, I will be able to produce more art ๐Ÿ˜€

And I’m submitting this to Paint Party Friday as there was paint involved over the weekend and I actually finished the mosaic above, plus started the next one ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t forget to drop by and visit all the other great artists on the site.

Best wishes,
(I’m off the edge, but I’m learning to fly!)