My five favourite paintings


I’m not a great promoter of of my stuff. I always end up showing it to people with a bit of embarrassment or self-consciousness that really doesn’t do a professional artist any good. So for this week’s favourite five I thought I’d showcase five of my paintings that I am really happy with. Once again in no particular order since that would mean more decision making and that hurts my brain.

Phantasmal Poison Dart Frog

Anyone who has been hanging around me for any length of time since 2012 will be aware of this one. This was a sketch I did to test out my new Inktense pencils. I wanted to see what they could do. I never expected it to turn out so well and it has ever since been at the head of my social media websites and is the most pinned pin of all of my Pinterest Pins. You can find the in-progress shots for this here.

Phantasmal poison dart frog

Phantasmal Poison Dart Frog, Inktense pencil on illustration board, approx. 200 x 200 mm. NOT FOR SALE



Last year was a big year for me and one of the fabulous things that happened was this painting.

Pen by Liz Powley

Pen, acrylic on canvas, 400x300mm. Commissioned & SOLD

Not only did it work as I had planned it, but it worked well and I am still excited by it (and somewhat amazed that I actually did it – how did I do that again?). It was a commission and I have never been so happy with a result. To see in progress shots, see this post from October last year.


My Littlest

This one is from quite some time ago. I know this because its subject is now seven years old. This was done in pastels, a medium I love to play with, but haven’t really fully explored as I’m not confident in finishing them off – they need framing and I’m poor, so I can’t really make a product to sell from them yet. But they are a lovely medium and this one, despite being a little cross-eyed, worked quite well.


My littlest

My littlest



It really is a toss up between this one and Blue Shiver (the red and orange girl half way down the page) , but there is something in this woman, some defiance. she didn’t turn out the way I had expected, but she is strong and I like that in her.


Moment by Liz Powley

Moment, acrylic on canvas, 510x510mm.



At this point I’m not really sure what others are my favourites.  To be honest the frog and the dog are my two most favourite, the rest, well, they are all mostly experiments (maybe I’m biased by realism). Toucan was a random painting. He didn’t start out as a toucan, he was just splattered paint. Totally an intuitive piece of art – what happened happened on the spur of the moment. I’m happy with the result. He is one of a very few which are hung in my studio. he is also awkward to photograph as I used iridescent paint.


Toucan, acrylic on watercolour paper, 297 x 420mm

So there you go. My five favourite of my paintings, not confident favourites and I’ll probably wake up at 3am tomorrow morning cursing because I forgot to add one I didn’t think of. Several of my favourites I haven’t included because they are not finished. maybe I should do one of these as my favourite five unfinished paintings. In any case, these are my five for Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday. This time actually posted on Friday.

Hmm, I think I need to paint more dogs and frogs.

Art always!

Best wishes,