My Creative Neighbourhood – 31 Oct 2010

So what’s been happening in my creative neighbourhood this week?

Melissa Dinwiddie completed a stunning piece of calligraphic art.

Melissa Moss has released her 2011 calendars. Hurry to grab one of these lovely pieces of work as it is a limited print.

Kristin Dudish is about to launch her 30 in 30 for 30 challenge. Join her for Art Every Day Month. I’m certainly going to try.

David McRaney of ‘You’re not so smart’ divined the core of the problem of Procrastination. This article is well worth the read. If you understand yourself, it is easier to manipulate yourself into doing what you want to do.

Tina Mammoser continues her experiments with water surfaces. Check out the extent of her blog, she has several entries pertaining to this exploration. Nice charcoal and pencil work.

Rebecca Sutherland was mentioned in a newsletter article along with a brief interview as a piece of her artwork sold for 21,000 pounds – take a look at it, it is worth every penny!

Have a look at some of Karla Gerard‘s latest work.

Birds In Blooms

She has some vibrant and colourful works. You can find some of them available for sale on her website.

As for me, I started a new piece of art today that I’ve found very fun to do. It’s not quite finished, so I can’t show you 🙁 Perhaps tomorrow…er, today, it’s nearly 2am as my night was eaten by my tax return. So I will now buzz off to bed.

(who would had more highlights, but is falling off her chair)