My art journalling attempt

Sunday Sketches

This week I’m posting my first attempts at art journalling. This is something I’ve wanted to try for some time, but I’m finding it hard to actually do. I’ve done art all my life, but beyond the sketching I did as a child, it has always been to draw up to a fianl piece…you know, the type you frame and hang on a wall. The idea of drawing just for the sake of drawing…the last time I did that must have been before puberty.

But there is a movement out there, mostly a female movement, where art is done for the sake of art and these beautiful books are being created that tell tales of the artists. So I thought I would give it a go.

I’ve been hanging around Art Journalling for a little while and they recently started up a challenge…you know me, I can’t resist a challenge. So here are my first attempts.

Art Journal Attempt Page 1A book has gotta have a title page

Full of mistakes, no polishing, text all wonky. Those smudges are my fingerprints.

Art Journal Attempt page 2And my first challenge answer (The Simpsons belong to Twentieth Century Fox, I’m just scribbling)

The challenge was to do with cowboys, a topic way out of my usual art zone. Of course, I had to take a not obvious tack, and despite copyright restrictions, I had to scribble the above down. Too bad I gave Bart unintentional glasses 😀

One thing that was interesting is that I did the both of these with my Inktense pencils and then ran some random water strokes over the top of them. I think this is a technique I might explore further with linework. It has some interesting possibilities.

In other news, I started a new painting yesterday! I had a fantab time. Hubby took the kids for part of the day and let me play.

Chilli painting 1 in progressChilli Plant painting 1 in progress

I’ve done a little more of this since the photo and it is looking a little better, enough to get me excited and wanting to do more. Unfortunately, I won’t have any time in the next few days 🙁

The story behind this one is…I had a bunch of chillis self seed in one of our pot plants last year and they have the most beautiful colours. I meant to take some piccies and I never did. This year, I’ve been taking lots of photos. They haven’t turned orange or red yet, but we have some great purples. I might do several paintings (depending on how this one turns out).

Don’t forget to go visit all the wonderful artists over at Sunday Sketches. There is an ocean of talent out there.

Anyway, must dash…screaming children.

(who had other stuff to babble about, but have to go)