More experiments – Five centimetre paintings

Frozen rivulets, acrylic on cartridge, approx. 50 x 50 mm.

Got a chance to play with some paint again today (I should have been doing my taxes, but KJ wouldn’t go to bed, so we ended up in the backyard painting together).

This is a followup experiment from my One centimetre paintings. These ones are five centimetres square instead. Probably as big as I’d want to go.

Blue Storm , acrylic on cartridge, approx. 50 x 50 mm.

They are basically studies of colour in the small. I’m a strong believer that we miss a tremendous amount of beauty just because it is small and we aren’t looking. I love the swirls of paint and the interactions of the colours, so I’ve made these paintings very small so those aspects can be focussed on. Look at the shades of colour, see their twists and turns, things that would be missed in a normal sized painting, the small things distracted over by the extent of the work. I’m attempting to focus on the little.

These are blue because this experiment also ties in with my paper mosaic experiments, and I have an idea for my next piece.

Drawing Lab Challenge – I haven’t posted my results today because I was rudely interrupted by Izzy tonight in the middle of doing it. It is nearly 1am here and I’ve only just now managed to get her to bed. I’m posting this simply because I’m too stubborn to let it go until tomorrow. Hope you are all having better results than I.

(to bed I go)