Mixed media mosaic work in progress

Paint Party Friday

This week, with some determination to actually post for Paint Party Friday, I have two works in progress.

First up I have the My Daughter painting I started on the weekend and detailed earlier in the week.

My Daughter WIP 5

I haven’t done anymore on that yet. I prefer to paint outside on the weekends, so I’m hoping to do some more (after I visit the crash repairer…thankyou very much, hit and run, guy).

I’ve felt quite arty this week, and found myself sitting in the lounge with a movie on the TV I’d seen a dozen times before, putting together a mixed media mosaic using this:

Purple-pink-red 2 bubble painting

and a pile of random beads and gems. It is still in its very early stages, but I’m finding that I’m enjoying sitting on the couch gluing the pieces on one by one. Kinda like knitting or some other handiwork. I have very little plan and am just going with the abstract flow.

Paper and jewels

Of course, every time I go with the abstract flow, I get swirls, but, eh, I’m having fun.

Don’t forget to drop around to Paint Party Friday and take a squizz at all the wonderful art happening over there.

Best wishes,
(post work brain pain)