Mermaids: a venture into fantasy

Sunday Sketches

My daughter is obsessing about mermaids at the moment. They are a fascinating topic for a four year old and as I’ve been meaning to do some artwork for her room for several years now, I thought they would make a fun subject.

Which is okay, except for the fact that I have never really done any straight illustration in paint before. So challenge! I started with a sketch yesterday and once I’ve finished my chilli painting from last week (I’m working on it now, it is a beautiful day out there today), I’m hoping to get my claws into this new topic.

Mermaid 1 sketch

The composition is faulty, so I’m planning to remove the octopus (I like him, but KJ doesn’t want an octopus in her paint ::rolls eyes:: ), move the castle thing closer to the mermaid and make the composition more rectangular than square.

I’m thinking of using sparkly media like glitter and iridescent medium in this. I’m planning to lose myself in the waves of hair and sparkly scales. It will be interesting. While I’ve done a bit of cartooning, I’ve never really done much illustration (despite studying it at college yonks ago).

Anyways, this is my submission for Sunday Sketches this week as I stumble outside my comfort zone. Don’t forget to go visit all those fantastice artists over there.

Best wishes,
(now back to my purple chillis :D)

PS: Edited to add…

My chilli painting…I haven’t done much, and what I have done took most of the day in between Mum duties, but I’m getting excited about my painting as there is a hint of success there, despite the long way I still have to go.

Here’s last week’s piccy…

Chilli painting 1 in progress

And here is this week’s….I had to show both as the changes are quite subtle.

Chilli painting 1 in progress 2

I focussed on the leaves in the centre today. They are one of the main reasons why I am attempting this painting. I’ve done flowers many times, but each time I do, I focus madly on the flowers and leave the leaves (excuse the pun) as an after thought which can stuff up a painting. This painting forces me to focus on the leaves and I’m learning lots. Still a very long way to go yet, but I’m getting happy none of the leaves are finished, but a couple fo them are starting to look like leaves.

(who probably won’t get another chance to paint until next weekend πŸ™ )