Mermaid II

Sunday Sketches

Just a quick post this week as I’m actually about to start a painting. Do you remember the mermaid sketch I did a while back? Its intention was a layout sketch for a painting for my eldest daughter. Unfortunately, eldest daughter had some reservations about the composition. The octopus got his marching orders and a number of other things weren’t what she wanted, so I’ve revised the sketch, changed its focus and taken a great deal of art direction as to subjects and colours from said eldest daughter. This is the result.

Mermaid 2 sketch

Way outside my norm, but I’ll give it a go. Apparently the mermaid has a red tail, red-gold hair, the clam is yellow, the crab blue along with the blue fish and the starfish is orange. These are my orders 😀

Let’s see what it turns out like.

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Best wishes,
(off to paint)