I’ve discovered Instagram

Taking a break from my Retrospective posts tonight because I’ve been wrapped up in an argument between Instagram, my new Android phone and my iPad. But before I rave about what is going wrong, I have to say something about what is going right.

I’ve discovered Instagram. Having been prodded with it from several friends, I finally took the dive and added the app to my iPad. And I’m loving it. Trying to not be one of those who is so snap happy they have a photo relationship with their food and their mirror, I’ve been experimenting with how a simple photo can go beyond traditional photography and make a small statement related to my life or my art. Well, truthfully it started with photos, but has since spread to video and inspiredby Suzi Poland‘s Minutes by the Sea, I’ve begun taking 15 sec videos of moments and finding that motion adds so much more depth to a photo.

There have been moving photographs of flowers…


And birds…


Tonight’s example is a little different, focussing on the evening sky and asking the viewer to listen…


It can be a little hit and miss in quality of video, after all, I’m brand new to this stuff, but it is fun and arty, and a challenge to think of new things to photograph and film that might be ordinary, but also a little out of the ordinary.

One of the things I particularly like about Suzi’s Minutes by the Sea is they give you the opportunity to just stop and look at the moment. We are often so busy dashing around, we neglect to stop and look and take in the beauty, or the interest, or the simplicity of a place or time. We miss so much. Suzi focusses on the sea, so you get to see lots of waves. Waves have moods and each one is unique. She captures them for a time so we can relive that moment.

I intend to continue with this little project at random. It’s fun and interesting and exploratory. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. There is art over there as well 😀

Best wishes,

PS: My argument – I’ve recently bought a brand new phone, my first Android toy – Samsung Galaxy III. I immediately installed Insatgram on it as it has a great camera and is much more portable than my iPad. I’ve taken a photo or two with no problem, but tonight I chose video. Well, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the videos off the phone and onto Instagram. The Instagram app freezes solid each time I try and I have gotten extremely frustrated (there were multiple expletives involved). So it turns out, to get a video from my phone onto Instagram I have to Dropbox it, download  it onto my desktop computer, crank up iTunes (which is always a long waiting saga), plug in my iPad (which creates the saga since I don’t do it very often and it syncs forever), upload the video to my Photo Manager app, export it to my Camera Roll and finally import it into Instagram on my iPad. Far from the quick snapshot, anywhere, I had anticipated when I bought the phone. So quite a bit of disappointment here. Instagram obviously prefers iOS devices. (It should be noted that my iPad is wi-fi only, hence the thought of a phone that could do it for me.) /whinge