It’s all about stamps

Things are a little crazy here at the moment in the lead up to my workshop on Sunday. My health side-swiped me in the middle of the week and things that were supposed to be doen weren’t so now I’m madly trying to make sure I have everything ready for Sunday. So late and quick post.

I did have a fabulously arty weekend last weekend though, so I have lots to show for that, including two new stamps which I had so much fun making that I’ve bought more stuff to make more with…as soon as I get the time.

I hand drew a design with pencil, worked out the pattern and then built it on the computer. I’m really happy with this one. In fact I plan to explore the shape some more and see what else I can create from it. I have already done this one.


I also did the mandatory butterfly and was very happy how it worked out. I stamped the butterfly for my children as well and they did their own interpretations. This is the beauty of stamps – you can share your art with others who can then create their own art.


I’m definitely finding my niche with these stamps. For me it is creating the stamp, stamping it and then ‘colouring it in’. I’m having a fabulous time with this and want to play more…as soon as this workshop is over and I’ve finished a client’s website that is nearly complete. I hope to launch some hand painted cards on my Etsy soon.

In other news, so new Gemduos straight from the Czech Republic arrived here today 😀 So I have some new earrings to make in the near future (on request from a client).


And I am so hanging out for our next trip to Edithburgh – beach house, sun, quiet, freedom, no work, art, fun…I soooo need a holiday. It is my light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m late to Paint Party Friday this week and I owe visits to blogs from last week – I promise I will visit as soon as I can. many, many thankyous to the wonderful people who visited here last week. I will catch up with you, I promise.

Art always.

Best wishes,