It’s all about production


In my studio this week it is all about production. I have gesso, and boards waiting for gesso, scattered across my drying racks, I have one painting and three paper mosaics in progress, and more waiting to be put online for sale. And dare I mention the crazy plans running around in my head?

While I have lots of in-progresses happening, I only have one new finished this week and that is still waiting for varnishing.

Ocean sun

Ocean sun, paper mosaic and paint on board, 200 x 200mm.

I’m starting to experiment with what I can do with this technique. This one is the reverse in colour of the previous paper mosaics I have done. I think I prefer the original design, but this does have its charm if you think of looking up from the depths of the ocean at the sun.

paper mosaics

drying racks

boards and butterfly paintings

I got some new boards cut this week. This time I went for 400 x 200mm with the idea of doing some long or tall mosaics/paintings. Of course they need preparation – sanding, three layers of gesso and more sanding, but I like the firm feel of the board, it is solid and strong and I feel that because I work with it and prepare it that I have more control over it than I do with the canvases I purchase.

Had insomnia last night so crawled into my studio at 3am and did a bunch of butterfly paintings in preparation for some more paper mosaics. As you can see above, I went a little nuts.

Last week’s painting – still in progress and having a bit of an argument with it. Regretting using the tar gel instead of the self leveling gel I usually use. I am persisting, but I don’t think it will make it to the first of the two exhibitions that are due this week. Might make the second one if I can argue it into obedience. Also, what is it with cameras that makes them unable to handle reds well? There is far more texture in the red of this painting than you can see in the photo.

red-yellow wip 4


And that is the craziness happening in my studio this week. Off now to poke the red and yellow painting a bit more and start a bigger mosaic. Don’t forget to visit the other artists at Paint Party Friday and happy Easter and PPF!

Best wishes,