Inktober 2017


Yes, I’m making the attempt! Attempt being the keyword as there is no way on this planet that I will be able to do something every day. But I will do something, and I have 😀

This is what I have created so far.

I'm an artist

This is an inking of a design I have had sitting around here for a while. It has some words to go with it and I was thinking of making a T-shirt out of it. Now I’m not so sure, but I haven’t yet ditched the project, so you never know.

Tracing the above down annoyed me with its requirements for accuracy and tightness, so I did a bit of free drawing to make up for it. I didn’t end up inking it and it was a wrestle with perspective my nemesis, but it is what it is – a snake monster 😀

random snake monster


I am so missing my camera! Sorry for the lousy photos 🙁

The next day I decided to go with the random and free again and came up with this.

Opinionated octopus

Opinionated Octopus, pen and inktense on drawing paper, 420 x 297 mm


He was interesting to draw 😀 Anyone have any suggestions on what to write on his sign? 😀

I am learning that I don’t really know enough about the materials required for a good ink drawing. I have blending card and paper and drawing paper, but I seem to be fumbling with its correct usage. My next tackle is an attempt with watercolours I think. Even more totally outside my comfort zone, but experimenting is fun, even if the results are iffy.

And lastly, here be a nice shot of my studio set up for Inktober. The star of the show is my brand new drawing table, something I’ve been needing for ages, but only finally got around to purchasing early this year for my birthday (and only just now had the chance to take it out for a spin :D).

inktober studio


And as there was painting in my Octopus (with Inktense and a brush), this be my submission for Paint Party Friday this week. Don’t forget to drop over there and check out the wonderful art community that has been flourishing now for over seven years!

Art Always!

Best wishes,