Illustration Friday, Sunday Sketches and AEDM

So do you think I have enough challenges tied into this post? ::grin:: Don’t worry, I have a piece for each as today was a good art day.

Exhilaration, acrylic on board, approx. 300 x 300 mm.

Savour the exhilaration. ‘Savour’ is the challenge word this week over at Illustration Friday. All I could think of was hanging in the moment, experiencing that second to its full extent, savouring the exhilaration. A reflection of a moment I experienced several years ago that I wrote about here. There was no lightning in that incident, but I still savoured the moment to its full extent.

Gungurru, gel pen on black card, approx. 200 x 200 mm.

This Art Every Day Month exercise was a follow through from yesterday’s explorations. I had been planning to experiment with white and colours on black, but only managed to buy the pens a few days ago. It didn’t scan very well because the pens were metallic and glitter, but I’m happy with the effect in reality. I’m not confident about the composition of this piece, though, and may draw another to correct it.

Sunday Sketches – these are a couple of sketches from this week’s adventures.

The prep sketch for Cupid for Creative Tuesday which I didn’t manage to enter in the end because my phone line died on Tuesday.

And the start of a sketch that followed on from the cheeky look on Cupid’s face. Nanny Numbat…

Not finished. Don’t know if he ever will be.

(who had a great arty day)