Hot wind completed

Paint Party Friday

Mother’s Day 2011 – my present was to be allowed to paint all day. It was a beautifully sunny day, so I set up my easel outside and did just that. The uncompleted painting that resulted has been sitting around my studio ever since.

A few weeks back I decided it was time to finish a few things and that was at the top of my list. This is the result.

Hot Wind complete

Hot Wind, acrylic on canvas, approx. 1000 x 750 mm

I’m quite happy with the painting itself, however I have learnt a great deal more about painting since I started this and there are several things wrong with the materials this was created with. The biggest one is that it is on a cheap canvas, consequently it has a slight buckle in the frame, cut not folded corners and various other small imperfections. Secondly I painted it with craft paint rather than professional artist’s paints. It is finished with good quality self-leveling gel and varnish (the bit I did recently), so its finish looks good except for the random fluff and dust caught up in the finish in the white areas (argh!).

Let’s just chalk it up to experience and hang it on the wall in the laundry (seriously, that’s is our plan at the moment :D). I really loved throwing the paint around in this and it will have descendants done with the correct materials as this is part of my fire series, slowly under development.

And as always with a finished painting, here be some in progress shots.

Hot Wind WIP 1

Hot Wind WIP 2

Hot Wind WIP 3

Hot Wind WIP 4

Hot Wind WIP 5

This is where it stuck for many months.

And now completed.

Hot Wind complete

Of course, this week I have also been continuing my paper and jewels mosaic. I had hoped to finish it by Friday, but as always life had other ideas. I have done some since last week, however.

Paper and jewels mosaic wip4

This is turning out to be totally experimental. I decided it needed a different kind of paper so added some shiny foil card to offset the heavy texture of the bubble paint tiles. The only problem with that is it draws even more concern for lightfastness to this piece. It is made up of laser prints, cheap beads and plastic gems and now foil card. I intend to coat it all with a UV resistant varnish, plus a couple of layers of self-leveling gel to finish it, but I’m not to confident it will last a very long time. Must be kept away from direct sunlight at least.

But I am learning a lot and having fun, so the long run is no loss.

Paper and jewels mosaic wip4a

These are my submissions this week for Paint Party Friday along with the exciting bonus of being this week’s PPF Featured Artist! Kristin and Eva kindly offered me the opportunity of an interview and I grabbed it with both hands.Β  Go see it! (will be posted on Friday)Β  I even did an exclusive little PPF painting for the event.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to go and visit all the PPF wonderful artists. There is some fantastic art on the boil.

Best wishes,