Glowing objects and rainbows

Paint Party Friday

Just a short quick one from me today. I’ve been arting the last few days quite a bit and wanted to share with you some of my WIPs.

First up, my green glow painting, the second in a new series of paintings I’m calling my rainbow series (though you can’t really tell why with this example, but plans are afoot :D).

Green Glow WIP1

This one isn’t too far from being finished and I hope to complete it soon.

Second on the agenda is a renewed excitement about the Giant Squid.

Squid border relief

This is an example of the sealife relief creatures I am sculpting with heavy gel/molding paste. So far I have a crab, starfish, jellyfish, crayfish, a sea horse and a couple of shells. I’m really excited at how it is turning out.

And finally, a project in the wings – perhaps you can guess what I might be doing with these…

Rainbow of Golden colours

And that’s it from me for the moment. Stay tuned for an upcoming post, really the obligatory look back at 2012.

And don’t forget to check out all the ohter great artists over at Paint Party Friday!

Hope you are all enjoying the festive season.

Best wishes,