Five bracelets and five earrings

I was wondering what to post for Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday this week when I realised I had five bracelets and five new pairs of earrings on my beadmat. So here be this week’s five.


Here be five pairs of earrings recently made and not quite finished.

And here are the five bracelets, a combination of made this week and the original patterns I made for my daughters some time ago.


The one at the bottom is the what I created last night šŸ˜€ It is not quite finished as I cracked just after midnight, you can see the thread still coming out of the side of it.


Anyways, I have to dash, off to work today (yes, it is Saturday, I’m late for the Friday Fives). You can find more of my jewellery in my shop šŸ˜€

Don’t forget to drop by Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday for a little fun and lots of the number five šŸ˜€

Best wishes,