Drawing lab challenge results – Funky creatures

Okay, this one, I admit, was quite fun. And freeing in ways I haven’t really done before. The reults, well, hmm, interesting, I guess. But the procedure, definitely fun.

I didn’t quite finish them off as I left the exercise to the last minute again, but I think I like looking at the red, blue and yellow the way it is anyway. My favourites are the second and fourth piccies.

So how did you go? I’ve seen Pavinee’s wonderful creations. Sorry I didn’t make it clear where to post your results. I usually put up my answer to the challenge on Thursday night (South Australian time, so something like early morning UK Thursday, and middle of the night Eastern America, late night Western America Wednesday). To make that more accessible, I’m being adventurous…

I’m going to be wonderfully technically advanced and add a Mr Linky to this post like I have seen many other challenge hosts do.  So go ahead and link in your results 😀

(learn something new everyday and your brain won’t rot)