Drawing Lab challenge #9 results – scribbles

I thought this one would be easy, and while technically it was, I’m not sure I’ve actually done it the right way. I had a great deal of trouble discerning between scribble and sketching and I think pretty much all my drawings leant towards the latter.

First up I thought I’d play with my gel pens on some black paper. I like black paper 😀

I had no idea what to draw and I couldn’t be bothered digging a photo out of my photography files, so I drew what was in front of me – some flowers my sister brought over for KJ.

The gel pens certainly gave the exercise an interesting texture as they both lay down ink and picked it off as the lines crossed. I was as free as possible, not really caring where the lines went.

Wanting to continue to experiment I then went back to good old black pen on fineliner paper. Again I had no idea what to draw so I eyeballed what was on the table and picked a subject (I was sitting at the dining table, hence the rather odd occurrence of candles).

But they were incredibly boring, so I stopped drawing those about five seconds after I started.

Looked around for something slightly more complicated and came up with my jar of gel pens.

So is that scribble or sketch? I was as rough as I could be and it was drawn very quickly. ::shrug::

What else could I draw? Perhaps a more defined shape?

Okay, so I was getting totally lazy and lame drawing the sharpener that just happened to be there with me. After that I gave up and blamed my slightly off mood as the culprit for lack of inspiration.

But! I did complete the assignment and I do plan to explore scribbling further down the track.

So how did you do? Post a link to your creations in the comments, I would love to see them.

(and now for the next challenge)