30 Days of creativity: Day 1 – sprinkling a mermaid

Today was filled with work and a mad dash to an important deadline…which I managed to make with ten minutes to spare…YEAH! If I wanted to be pedantic, I could say that creating an online newsletter and playing with graphics all days fulfills my creativity quota for today, but since I’m allotting this challenge to my artwork outside of work…well, not so much.

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Mermaid still a work in progress

Mermaid still a work-in-progress

And here I am still painting my mermaid. It is taking forever because I only have small amounts of time to attend to it. I ended up setting it up inside and working by my desk lamp. Not the best, but at least I can pick it up and leave it when I have to. I much prefer painting outside on a sunny day, but alas, winter is coming here and the days are getting cold and windy.

But! I have made some progress. Still a way to go, but getting there slowly.

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Mermaid 3

More mermaids

Youngest Daughter’s mermaid is likely to be blue or maybe gold, I’m undecided at this point. Aiming to make her different from Eldest Daughter’s (whose mermaid has now been christened ‘Sofie’). The octopus has made a return because he was cute in that first original drawing even though Eldest Daughter kicked him off the menu. Does anyone know what else I can use for mermaid bras other than clam shells? I’ve scribbled in mussels here, but if anyone else can give me some suggestions, I’m open 😀

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Mermaid 2 sketch

Mermaid II

Do you remember the mermaid sketch I did a while back? Its intention was a layout sketch for a painting for my eldest daughter. Unfortunately, eldest daughter had some reservations about the composition. The octopus got his marching orders and a number of other things weren’t what she wanted, so I’ve revised the sketch, changed its focus and taken a great deal of art direction as to subjects and colours from said eldest daughter.

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Mermaid 1 sketch

Mermaids: a venture into fantasy

My daughter is obsessing about mermaids at the moment. They are a fascinating topic for a four year old and as I’ve been meaning to do some artwork for her room for several years now, I thought they would make a fun subject.

Which is okay, except for the fact that I haven never really done any straight illustration in paint before. So challenge! I started with a sketch yesterday and once I’ve finished my chilli painting from last week (I’m working on it now, it is a beautiful day out there today), I’m hoping to get my claws into this new topic.

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