Inspired People

Inspired People – Drew Harrison addendum

In my introduction to Drew, I mentioned one of his paintings that I refer to as ‘the frog’. That is totally not its title, but Drew was kind enough to send me an image of this painting so I could share it with all of you. Absolutely stunning work, the kind that reduces me to a drooling zombie upon sight.

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Phantasmal poison dart frog final

I is for Inktense

Now the key to these fantabulous pencils is that while they act like watercolour pencils for the most part, once they are dry they are not watersoluble – like waterproof ink. This may sound like a small difference, but it isn’t. Because they dry waterproof, you can go over and over and over your piece of work and build up some beautifully intense (funnily enough) colours.

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Blue poison dart frog by Gumnut Logic

Sunday Sketches – Blue poison dart frog

This week I specifically wanted to do something just for Sunday Sketches. Prior to this I’ve only really submitted half hearted scrawls and whatever I had in my sketchbook from the previous week’s work. This time I wanted to do a real sketch. Just sit down and draw, something I haven’t done in ages.

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