Sunday Sketches – Concept drawings

I’ve been building a universe to support a sketchy plot I have. The main star is a human, but the co-star is an alien and when I started profiling him, I found I needed a much clearer picture in my head as to what he might look like. So I got out my sketchbook and did some concept sketching.

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Blue poison dart frog by Gumnut Logic

Sunday Sketches – Blue poison dart frog

This week I specifically wanted to do something just for Sunday Sketches. Prior to this I’ve only really submitted half hearted scrawls and whatever I had in my sketchbook from the previous week’s work. This time I wanted to do a real sketch. Just sit down and draw, something I haven’t done in ages.

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Zentangle eyes

Sunday Sketches from the week of funk

I’ve only got dud sketches for this week’s Sunday Sketches. Last week was a funk week so very little was done. First up we have an attempt to answer last week’s Illustration Friday prompt of ‘deja-vu’. I had a concept, but my brain wouldn’t supply me with an image to fully communicate what I was […]

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Illustration Friday, Sunday Sketches and AEDM

So do you think I have enough challenges tied into this post? ::grin:: Don’t worry, I have a piece for each as today was a good art day. Exhilaration, acrylic on board, approx. 300 x 300 mm. Savour the exhilaration. ‘Savour’ is the challenge word this week over at Illustration Friday. All I could think […]

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Sunday Sketches

The wonderful Kristin Dudish suggested I have a go at the Sunday Sketches Challenge. So I dug out my sketch book and have some of my not so hot sketches to share. I promise in the future to actually do something constructive for this challenge. I did scribble down Frenken Furter for the challenge, a […]

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