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  • A challenge I couldn’t resist

    I know I’m nuts. As if I didn’t have enough things to do already, but an A to Z? How could I resist such wonderful order?

  • My art journalling attempt

    My art journalling attempt

    This week I’m posting my first attempts at art journalling. This is something I’ve wanted to try for some time, but I’m finding it hard to actually do. I’ve done art all my life, but beyond the sketching I did as a child, it has always been to draw up to a fianl piece…you know,…

  • Explorations – Bubble painting II

    Explorations – Bubble painting II

    Some time ago I did a series of experiments with paint and bubble bath. They proved quite popular and I had several expressions of interest in a tutorial, so I wrote up my first fully documented Exploration. Since then I have received a request to do a video of the technique. It has taken me…

  • Mussels


    We went away for a couple of days and stayed in a very nice rental house right on the foreshore of Sultana Point (just outside Edithburgh) on the Yorke Peninsula. Kind of an experiment to see how we managed with the kids and to look at the house (which was fantastic, definitely travelling like this…

  • Autumn wind, my current WIP for Paint Party Friday

    Autumn wind, my current WIP for Paint Party Friday

    I’ve been so madly arting of late that I haven’t had time to post! But here is a quickie in honour of Paint Party Friday because that is what I’ve been doing – painting. I’ve been exploring my acrylics. I guess you could call this piece a big acrylic experiment because it has very much…

  • Phantasmal Poison Dart Frog – Sunday Sketches

    Phantasmal Poison Dart Frog – Sunday Sketches

    I have something to post for Sunday Sketches! First time in a long time. Derwent Inktense pencils were recommended to me last week and by cashing in my birthday pressie from Hubby, I was able to go out and buy some yesterday. So it was with eagerness that I set out to test these new…

  • You are loved – work-in-progress for Paint Party Friday

    You are loved – work-in-progress for Paint Party Friday

    Ah, it has been so long since I had something to share with on Paint Party Friday. But this week, I’ve rediscovered my arty mojo and have dived back in. So I have a work-in-progress to share.

  • Mixed media – paint and beads

    Mixed media – paint and beads

    I haven’t had much time this week (story of my life on all fronts), but I have done a little work on KJ’s accordian book. The insides have been started and I have continued working on the covers, for the first time truly branching into mixed media as I’ve added some beads.

  • Hoonhilda


    Trying to get back into the habit of answering challenges (they give so much inspiration and have me doing things I would never have thought of otherwise). I discovered Got an Inkling over at Dthaase’s site today and was immediately inspired. Great challenge that one. So I scribbled down a sketch to answer that and…

  • Handmade accordian books

    Handmade accordian books

    I’ve found a new interest – handmade books. In particular, for the moment, accordian books. Along side this discovery I’ve also discovered handcarved stamps and heavily layered work (something I’ve admired a lot recently, but haven’t really tried much myself).