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My Creative Backyard – Creative Every Day

I spent tonight tidying up my art corner in order to fit the primed boards inside the house. Since we had children and lost the two spare rooms, everything that didn’t migrate to the rubbish bin ended up out in the hobby room. The hobby room which houses two computers, a display case, four bookcases, two cupboards, six desks, a filing cabinet, a set of art drawers and a sewing machine cabinet, is starting to become crowded. I’m having the problem of needing to put away things that have no place to go. And since I’ve been neglecting things like housework so I can art…well, let’s say it wasn’t a pretty sight.

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Creative Every Day

Creative Every Day – Wreath Wattle 2

I have to make more of an effort to do artwork every day. I’m finding that I’m blogging every day, but not so much doing the art I want to blog about, so, uh, yeah, I need to rewire my working schedule.

The Creative Every Day challenge has helped me out a lot in the past, but over the last couple of months, I’ve let it slip. I think I need to put a bit more effort in to keep it up (says me at ten past midnight).

So, what have I managed to do this past week?

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Creative Everyday – my first mosaic

Here it is, the project that has been taking me that extra bit of time to finish. It is an experiment, well, for me as I haven’t done one of these before. Done totally on the fly. Beyond deciding the pallette beforehand, I just cut and stuck squares of card. This is what I came […]

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Creative Every Day – 18 Oct 2010

I haven’t managed to create much art over the last week. Only two pieces have been completed since Sunday before last – my one-eyed monster and my answer to the Creative Tuesday challenge for this fortnight which I can’t post about until it’s due. I do have a small piece in progress as part of […]

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Creative Everyday

I’ve joined a new challenge. This should be no surprise to anyone since I’ve managed to drown myself in the things in order to keep myself on the art track. But this one is a good laidback approach that might just keep me doing something everyday.  And this will be followed by the slightly more […]

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