Creative Every Day

Creative Every Day – Wreath Wattle 2

I have to make more of an effort to do artwork every day. I’m finding that I’m blogging every day, but not so much doing the art I want to blog about, so, uh, yeah, I need to rewire my working schedule.

The Creative Every Day challenge has helped me out a lot in the past, but over the last couple of months, I’ve let it slip. I think I need to put a bit more effort in to keep it up (says me at ten past midnight).

So, what have I managed to do this past week?

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Jim Kirk

How I learnt portraiture – Inspiration Point

I’m a Star Trek fan. Trekkie, Trekker, odd-ball and nerd, I’m a fan of the original 1965 television show, Star Trek. I have a book collection, a comic collection, all the films and television episodes on DVD with several documentaries kept on good ol’ VHS. I have a model of two different Enterprises on my desk, along with a borg cube that has fallen off the computer and is currently gathering dust behind my hard drive. I even have a little pewter Captain Kirk talking into a little pewter communicator (he sits right next to my cast metal Kitt and his figurine Michael Knight, but that is a whole other story :D).

I’m a fully qualified Star Trek fan.

What does that have to do with anything on this blog? Well, I have to go back in time a little to explain.

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Soft pastel experiment

As some of you know, I’ve been playing around with my soft pastels since I started this blog back in June. I had great fun with them during the Creative Color Challenge, and although I’ve been playing with my pencils lately with the Silly Workshop, they have been in the back of my mind most […]

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Finally finished artwork

Tree of Cyclones, approx. 750 x 550 mm, soft pastel on black pastel paper I started this piece just before the Creative Colour Challenge started and has been on hold for over a month.  Today my wonderful Hubby took little Izzy for me for most of the day and I was able to finish it.  […]

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The Creative Color Challenge #3 – Turquoise

By Moonlight, 420mm x 230mm, Soft pastel & charcoal on black pastel paper I had decided on this subject before the challenge had even been announced. I had been watching a David Attenborough documentary and thought fish might be an interesting topic to play with as scales can be mesmerising (and time consuming, though they […]

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