O is for Oil Pastel

I’m sitting here, really quite tired as it has been a busy day and I’m still not fully up to par. I want to write an exciting and inspiring post about one of my favourite media, oil pastels, but I’m really tired. So I might just show you some of my efforts using this wonderfully versatile medium.

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Swirl2 close up cut 1

Continuing the oil pastel journey

Tonight I went to my first ever art group. It was great! A small group, just the way I like my groups ::grin:: with a fully qualified lecturer, Drew Harrison, on hand for all those curly questions. And boy, was it great to finally have someone to ask in person some of those technical glitch type questions that have had me haunting YouTube time and time again.

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Swirls closeup

More oil pastel experiments

I’ve just yesterday joined up to a community focussed on art journalling – another attempt of mine to get my art going and funnily enough it has worked for today. The above is a close up from a previous oil pastel experiment. As part of joining the community, I uploaded a few of the bits and pieces I have completed or played with that are as close to art journalling as I can get (I’ve never art journalled, so this is an adventure for me). I received a couple of comments on the photo this morning and so I thought, what the hey, I’ll get out that piece of work and continue experimenting.

This is what I came up with.

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Oil pastel experiments – Swirls

Saturday I felt like doodling and since the Drawing Lab Challenge I had missed involved doing exactly that, I did some. I grabbed my oil pastels, a piece of watercolour paper and just drew some swirls. No plan, no design beyond the idea that I’d like to play with some graduated colour (I followed the […]

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Oil pastel experiments

I’m learning! Remember this from yesterday? One of my one centimetre paintings. Well, they were designed to be inspiration points, so since I had time to paint today I took this one and turned it into this: Oil pastel on watercolour paper I finally got out my oil pastels to play. I laid down the […]

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