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  • Adventures in Bead Embroidery

    Adventures in Bead Embroidery

    Over the last year I have been working across my interests in a way to build a collection of works that can be released as a whole. The first collection is nearing completion , though I may have over bought materials because, well, glorious colours! During this time I have created a series of bead…

  • Playing with Kumihimo

    Playing with Kumihimo

    About a month or so ago I starting playing with kumihimo, a Japanese method of braiding cords.

  • Five bracelets and five earrings

    Five bracelets and five earrings

    I was wondering what to post for Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday this week when I realised I had five bracelets and five new pairs of earrings on my beadmat. So here be this week’s five.   Here be five pairs of earrings recently made and not quite finished. And here are…

  • A work-in-progress and some beads

    A work-in-progress and some beads

    Last night I managed to make a new bracelet in my Duo Flowers series and it has me all fired up to make more.

  • Watercolour adventures

    Watercolour adventures

    This week I explored watercolour

  • For the love of a Gemduo

    For the love of a Gemduo

    The moment I opened the mail, I dropped what I was doing and made some earrings on the spot.

  • SALA in the Garden

    SALA in the Garden

    See me at SALA in the Garden on Sunday!

  • The Calm

    Our lives are nuts. While many of the mundane tasks of existence have been relieved by technology, we’ve filled the gaps with more stuff, so instead of spending hours washing our clothes in the local river, we’re dashing off to work to a gazillion deadlines, places to be, people to see and appointments to keep.…

  • It is all in the mindset

    I’m in the perfect position to achieve anything I want, I just need to make sure I don’t stuff up what I already have in order to get it.

  • How I fell into the world of beads

    In January 2014 I had a random idea. I had been looking for different ways to use my butterfly paintings and I came up with this: And I love these earrings, they go with a lot of things. I have since created more, but at the time I was distracted with another idea. Which all…