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  • Inktober 2017

    Inktober 2017

    Yes, I’m making the attempt!

  • 100 hands

    I discovered a new challenge last week. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a new challenge. Whether or not I succeed at the challenge is always a question, but I love starting new ones.

  • Friar Mug – Day 1 of Blogtoberfest and 31 Days of Playful Drawing

    Challenge: A favourite mug (or tea cup). (Well, technically speaking this is not a mug, but a jug, and despite the challenge asking for a mug, I thought I should challenge myself more and see if I could do it. It was fun.)

  • From a volcano

    This is a photo of the view from our front yard. You’re looking at the peak of an extinct ( or according to some people, dormant) volcano. We’re parked between the two major craters – this is the pinnacle of the Valley Lake crater. Behind us is the larger crater of the Blue Lake. We’re…

  • 30 Days of Creativity – Days 6, 7 & 8.

    I did scribble, but at least I did something.

  • 30 Days of Creativity – Days 4 & 5

    Last night I sat down and played with some cut up paper and some inktense pencils (still love them). I can’t show you the entire piece (though it isn’t finished yet, so not really much to see anyway) as it is for another challenge which has a specific reveal date, but here is a sneak…

  • I is for Inktense

    I is for Inktense

    Now the key to these fantabulous pencils is that while they act like watercolour pencils for the most part, once they are dry they are not watersoluble – like waterproof ink. This may sound like a small difference, but it isn’t. Because they dry waterproof, you can go over and over and over your piece…

  • My art journalling attempt

    My art journalling attempt

    This week I’m posting my first attempts at art journalling. This is something I’ve wanted to try for some time, but I’m finding it hard to actually do. I’ve done art all my life, but beyond the sketching I did as a child, it has always been to draw up to a fianl piece…you know,…

  • Mussels


    We went away for a couple of days and stayed in a very nice rental house right on the foreshore of Sultana Point (just outside Edithburgh) on the Yorke Peninsula. Kind of an experiment to see how we managed with the kids and to look at the house (which was fantastic, definitely travelling like this…

  • Phantasmal Poison Dart Frog – Sunday Sketches

    Phantasmal Poison Dart Frog – Sunday Sketches

    I have something to post for Sunday Sketches! First time in a long time. Derwent Inktense pencils were recommended to me last week and by cashing in my birthday pressie from Hubby, I was able to go out and buy some yesterday. So it was with eagerness that I set out to test these new…