Category: acrylic

  • An arty week with a giant squid

    Met an artist, listened to an illustrator, ate dinner with an arty friend, received an arty book and painted a giant squid. Yeah, a very arty week.

  • My studio

    To celebrate the fact that my studio has just had a darn good tidy up (except my art desk, that is still pending), here are a few piccies to prove that it was once tidy before I trash it again 😀

  • A fling with iridescent gel

    I am having a love affair with iridescent gel. I can’t seem to get away from it, not that I want to. I can’t help but throw some into almost all my paintings at the moment. I just love the lustre.

  • Acrylic splat becomes a toucan

    The biggest thing for me that I’m learning at the moment is to trust my skill. I have to believe that no matter what I do it will work out somehow. It may look like crud at some points, but if I keep going, I can make it work. I’m an artist, I can do…

  • Spring has sprung paint

    It is so wonderful to have some sunny weather to paint in. Last weekend I grabbed my acrylics and set up on the back porch and threw together to beginnings of a randomish painting (mainly because the canvas I’m using has a thread pull in it and I had to wait for the other two…

  • Paint Party Friday

    Paint Party Friday

    This painting was done nearly two years ago (full post about it here) and was also for Illustration Friday. Done in craft paint before I had any idea of what I was doing and while my youngest ws still a baby so done at the speed of light, but I have to say, despite its…

  • Hot wind completed

    Mother’s Day 2011 – my present was to be allowed to paint all day. It was a beautifully sunny day, so I set up my easel outside and did just that. The uncompleted painting that resulted has been sitting around my studio ever since. A few weeks back I decided it was time to finish…

  • Paper and Jewels mosaic still continued

    There has been more progress with my paper and jewels mosaic and some discoveries on other art fronts, while battling the mid winter scourge.

  • A new paper mosaic in preparation

    The sun is desperately trying to make its presecence felt here. Winter is starting to take its leave, the acacias are flowering, the almond blossoms are out, and there is this subtle feeling in the weather of the coming change. So there are short periods of sun between the dank and grey and I’ve been…

  • Mixed media mosaic work in progress

    This week, with some determination to actually post for Paint Party Friday, I have two works in progress.