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  • Flying Spark – Artful Creations Days 11 & 12

    Flying Spark – Artful Creations Days 11 & 12

    I love one word challenges. They can take me just about anywhere and have me creating just about anything. The Flying Spark is a daily word to do just that. Every day, using Twitter, there will be a word to spark inspiration. It appears here on this blog to the right top, or you can…

  • Another squid! – Artful Creations Day 8

    I have paint on my pyjamas. This could possibly be because I was painting in my pyjamas, my new pyjamas. Also because it is four minutes to midnight. But I am a happy chappy today regardless, or even perhaps because I have paint on my pyjamas. Guess what I received in the mail today…

  • A Green Glow in the night

    I am so happy to have actually completed my second Piece a Week this year. I didn’t start it this year, but the important thing to me is to COMPLETE at least one piece a week this year.

  • Izzy’s Rainbow – Artful Creations Day 6

    My littlest girl loves rainbows so I a while back decided to paint her a rainbow.

  • A Sip of Summer – Artful Creations Daily Blog Hop – Day 2

    Did all the food shopping, piled it into the car and drove out of the underground carpark…with the windows wide open. The moment my car was clear of the building a warm breeze carrying the scent of the Aussie outback filled the car.

  • Glowing objects and rainbows

    Just a short quick one from me today. I’ve been arting the last few days quite a bit and wanted to share with you some of my WIPs.

  • The squid report – making progress

    Life has been busy of late, but there has been art. There have also been business developments, a piece of artwork I can’t share as I’ve submitted it to a competition, and various explorations in both bubblepainting and Pollock-esque paint delivery. More on those later, but now…The Squid Report!

  • Colour, colour everywhere

    An art book recommendation, a watercolour palette, a new painting, a thunderstorm encounter and inspiring sea glass. It has been an interesting week.

  • Still squidding

    The other arty thing that happened this week was me being suddenly struck by an undefined inspiration that ended up with my youngest daughter falling off the couch.

  • The Squid Report

    It has been a week of calamari here in my studio. All other projects have been suspended by my current obsession with this giant squid painting.