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  • Dragons

    Since about December last year, this household has been alive with Dragons. Dreamworks Dragons to be exact. Myself, and both my two girls have been madly watching every little bit of this world we can get our hands on, particularly my youngest who recently had her fifth birthday and a Dreamworks Dragons party to celebrate.…

  • Creating a painting – Part 1

    Creating a painting – Part 1

    I’ve just started a new painting. This isn’t anything new for me, I start paintings all the time, but it suddenly occurred to me that it might be interesting to document the process from the beginning.

  • A return to Paint Party Friday

    A return to Paint Party Friday

    Basically yellow, orange, red and purple reside beside each other on the colour wheel in that order and are harmonious. However, if you flip the order of the colours and lay them next to each other we encounter the fact that yellow and purple are direct contrasts and spark off each other.

  • Big news!

    I’ve been busy…setting up shop!

  • Retrospective – Doin’ the Van Gogh

    So I discovered Vincent van Gogh. I read about his life several times, stared at his art, considered his philosophy, and realised that the great painters were just like any of us, products of their time, with perhaps a little more mind altering substances at hand.

  • Retrospective – Visiting with Vincent

    I’m not a follower, but neither am I a leader. I’m that black sheep in a sea of white who cuts across all the orderly lines and spins them into swirls. I’m the one who when told to do something, immediately wants to do the opposite.

  • Retrospective – Fauve bottles and a husband in a hat

    And this was my second attempt. I think something clicked, though I’m still not one hundred percent sure. The closest I could get to the requested concept was to pixelate the image and place each of the colours side by side, mixing, if necessary, on the palette, not the painting. It was the only logic…

  • Retrospective – The Fauves

    Around the beginning of the 20th century, after Impressionism, Monet, Renoir, Post-Impressionism, Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec, French art was faced with an exhibition that took the concepts dreamt up by those two previous movements and artists and took them one step further. This was the time of Matisse.

  • Retrospective – Desert skull

    I have been attending a small, private art school since the beginning of the year. Focussing solely on painting, I think after three terms that I can now declare myself a real painter 😀 I have learn a huge pile of stuff, mostly about myself and what my style seems to favour, what I like…

  • A Piece a Week 21 – Still Life with Emotion

    I learned a stack of things from this painting. I’ve certainly learnt that I know more than I thought I did and it has been exciting getting positive results from subjects I hadn’t even considered attempting.