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  • The value of a compliment

    In 2006, my Hubby and I spent two weeks in Western Australia. It was a fantastic holiday, WA is a wonderful place for the nature lover. It is gorgeous. About halfway through the holiday we had a long stretch of a drive between Albany and Toodyay. It was a road trip where we hadn’t planned…

  • I’ve discovered Instagram

    Taking a break from my Retrospective posts tonight because I’ve been wrapped up in an argument between Instagram, my new Android phone and my iPad. But before I rave about what is going wrong, I have to say something about what is going right.

  • Retrospective – Visiting with Vincent

    I’m not a follower, but neither am I a leader. I’m that black sheep in a sea of white who cuts across all the orderly lines and spins them into swirls. I’m the one who when told to do something, immediately wants to do the opposite.

  • A little photography

    I’ve always been fascinated by the small, lots of overlooked snatches of beauty very few see.

  • Flying Spark – Artful Creations Days 11 & 12

    Flying Spark – Artful Creations Days 11 & 12

    I love one word challenges. They can take me just about anywhere and have me creating just about anything. The Flying Spark is a daily word to do just that. Every day, using Twitter, there will be a word to spark inspiration. It appears here on this blog to the right top, or you can…

  • Interesting painting technique

    Interesting painting technique

    Inspirational painting technique.

  • My Creative Plumbing

    My Creative Plumbing

    It has been nearly a week since I have created some art. Do you find that if you don’t create regularly, you start fraying at the edges? For me, usually a maximum of around four days of no creative time for myself will start sending me a touch crazier than usual.

  • Explorations – Bubble painting

    Explorations – Bubble painting

    I was giving my eldest daughter a bath one night, swirling bubblebath around in the tub, when the bubbles suddenly grabbed my attention. They had a beautiful texture. I wondered if they could carry paint and leave a print on paper. Of course, I had to explore the idea.

  • Stagnation: the enemy of Inspiration

    Stagnation: the enemy of Inspiration

    This is a photo of my loungeroom/livingroom. I took it approximately five minutes ago. Here you can see the mess and the strong influence of my children. This is the scene I have been staring at for the last several weeks. In this shot you can see where I’ve been sitting. To the left, on…

  • Flying Spark

    Do you have trouble finding inspiration some days? Any word, object or emotion can spark a masterpiece, but sometimes it is really hard to locate a place to start, a focus that can sharpen your mind in a productive direction. The Flying Spark offers a daily challenge to set you on a path to find…