Breaking Storm

I made a deal with hubby tonight.  I’d take little Izzy for the night (KJ was already in bed) so he could have some free time, and I’d take tomorrow morning to do some painting. He was happy with that.  So I sat in the lounge with bubs in my arms and played one handed on the laptop.  Fortunately I managed to get her to sleep for some of it and could attempt some two handed scribbling with DeviantArt Muro.

I didn’t have anything pressing to do, because I’ve already submitted to the Creative Color Challenge, but I thought, hey, what else could I come up with that used Sea Green?  I was so happy with my ‘Crystal Wave‘ submission, I figured I would play with some more waves and this is what happened…

Breaking Storm, DeviantArt Muro, drawn by mouse on my lounge chair arm

It looks awfully traditional a subject, don’t you think? I had fun playing with it though. It is as rough as anything, mainly because I don’t think you can actually save in that program mid-creation.  You can only submit to DeviantArt for display or export an image, both of which kill off the ability to edit further.

I don’t think it is as successful as my previous effort, particularly since it is probably my first landscape in any medium since high school (that was a long time ago). I am quite happy about the fact that like ‘Crystal Wave’, I used no references and just built it out of my head. I also think (and hope) that the slap-dashiness of it gives it an energy I don’t think it would have otherwise had.

These exercises are certainly teaching me about my own abilities and giving me confidence that I didn’t have.  I’ve always known I could draw, but have always considered myself not quite good enough, as deep down I’m a perfectionist.  During these exercises I’ve been lining up that perfectionist in front of a firing squad and killing it off (it tends to have multiple lives unfortunately) and not caring so much about the placement of every single line. It’s giving me so much freedom.  It is wonderful.

So here you have it.  A not so perfect scribble.  But being not so perfect, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist, and I’ll  sign my name to it πŸ˜€

(finding myself)