Monthly painters challenge Paint Party Friday 30 days of creativity

Okay, so I’ve been sick. This has put a spanner in the works for just about everything. I’ve been reset to the basics, looking after the kids and pretty much nothing else, including being off sick from work.

But…the Monthly Painters Challenge was coming up due today and I have had an idea for the challenge since the day I first saw it…yeah, this is where the word ‘procrastination’ usually gets thrown at me, but πŸ˜› the last month has been one of migraines, colds and other unmentionable health issues, so I’m sticking with that excuse.

So this idea…on Tuesday I had a period of feeling vaguely okay and the weather was sunny, so I let the kids outside and quickly slapped down the basics for this painting. Today, only sheer determination dragged me off the couch to finish it. The result is the most slapped together hack of a painting I have ever done, full of faults, but it illustrates the idea.

So the challenge was ‘breakfast’, and that is what the painting is called.

BreakfastBreakfast, acrylic on canvas, approx. 450 x 450mm

For future reference, one should not use a photo of a hamster ( I think?) when trying to draw a mouse (yes, I didn’t realise it until halfway through, yes, I’m short a few of those higher functions in my brain :D). Mice are much skinnier and the resulting repairs will make said mouse look odd. Also, a hamster is brown, this mouse is white and clearly demonstrates how much practise I need in making up things when I’m painting.

I also had some difficulty both painting and photographing the black parts of this painting. Glare kept interfering with my tonal estimates and you can see to the left that the painting looks lighter on that side…it isn’t, that is just light reflecting off the surface. Very annoying.

All my instincts were telling me to cartoon this, but it is a painting challenge. Sure I could have painted a cartoon, but I’m not sure my skills are up to it yet and quite frankly, been sick.

So hack of a painting it is.

So I am submitting this to the Monthly Painters Challenge, which is the main reason why it got painted, but also to Paint Party Friday which happens to be today (and I’ve missed two weeks in a row, aaargh!) and my pathetic attempt at 30 Days of Creativity will be assisted by this also. don’t forget to go check out these three challenges, there are some great artworks and artists out there waiting to be drooled over.

And now I will crawl back to the couch.

Best wishes,