Just draw.

I recently finished an eight week drawing course – Creative Drawing with Lauryn Arnott at Gallery One. I enjoyed it and really found it worthwhile, and it has certainly affected my current art direction. I originally chose it because I desperately needed to continue some regular art practise with other people. I spent a year […]

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The Inspiration Directory

There were two reasons for creating this website. The main one was obviously a place for Gumnut Inspired to live – a place for my art, my blog, my shop, my corner of the web. However, there was a second reason that might not be so obvious, mainly because I forget to advertise it.

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Hand number three

100 hands

I discovered a new challenge last week. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a new challenge. Whether or not I succeed at the challenge is always a question, but I love starting new ones.

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What is a gumnut?

This is somewhat a mandatory post for me. I’ve had to explain my username several times online and I thought it would hurt to have an explanation here. A gumnut is not a some crazy person hooked on chewing gum. A gumnut is the woody fruit of a eucalyptus tree. In Australia, eucalyptus trees, of […]

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Finished. It is the holy grail for all artists. I have a saying pinned on my pinboard above my desk (well, I did until we gutted my studio, but let’s play as if it is still there):   ‘To start is fun, but to finish is ecstasy.’   And I really believe that. I’ve always […]

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Goolwa beach

Exciting news

I have had my share of exciting news this year. I have been very fortunate on several fronts to be presented with an array of opportunities, particularly those that further my art business. But I must say that a little more never hurts! 😀 Today I found out that my painting, Stare, sold at the […]

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Since about December last year, this household has been alive with Dragons. Dreamworks Dragons to be exact. Myself, and both my two girls have been madly watching every little bit of this world we can get our hands on, particularly my youngest who recently had her fifth birthday and a Dreamworks Dragons party to celebrate. […]

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The Pinnacles

The value of a compliment

In 2006, my Hubby and I spent two weeks in Western Australia. It was a fantastic holiday, WA is a wonderful place for the nature lover. It is gorgeous. About halfway through the holiday we had a long stretch of a drive between Albany and Toodyay. It was a road trip where we hadn’t planned […]

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Seed beads

How I fell into the world of beads

In January 2014 I had a random idea. I had been looking for different ways to use my butterfly paintings and I came up with this: And I love these earrings, they go with a lot of things. I have since created more, but at the time I was distracted with another idea. Which all […]

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Punk grandma

About me

I thought a good place to start would be me. Who is Liz Powley? (Yeah, I know, I need a better photo. It is on the list 😀 ) Liz Powley… Is a visual artist who is exploring all kinds of art, seeking inspiration and finding it in its multitudes. Is a writer of fiction […]

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