Of the Forest - burn

Of the Forest

I’ve mentioned a few times along the way that I used to write. Most of the writing I did was purely recreational, but some was aimed towards developing the four universes stored in my brain into something productive. So I thought I would share some of my snippets from time to time as my writing is as much an arty part of me as anything else and it needs its share of the spotlight.

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Drawing Lab Challenge #14

This is the fourteenth challenge post for the Drawing Lab Challenge. Grab your copy of ‘Drawing lab for mixed media artists: 52 creative exercises to make drawing fun‘ and join us as we tackle the book together. Details of the challenge and joining can be found here. This week the challenge is… Lab 34 (Page […]

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Inspiration point

Inspiration Point – Winter rains

I think when you are free of constraints and out travelling, you see the world from a different perspective. Too much of our time is spent rushing there, dashing here, closetting ourselves at whatever workstation gives us money, and we don’t have the time to stop and look, really look at the world around us.

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Inspired People

Inspired people – Kim Manley Ort

I am a middle aged Mom who discovered photography later in life. Ansel Adams was my inspiration. When my kids were little, I would take some time for myself when they napped, put on piano music and read a good book. One of those books was about the life of Ansel Adams, well-known American photographer of the West. I admired not only his photographs but the way he lived his life with integrity. After a visit to Yosemite National Park in California, where Adams did much of his photography, I decided to take my first photography class and I was hooked.

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Shadow Shot Sunday

This is a challenge I’ve been meaning to participate in for awhile, and I was lazing around out in the backyard (read: supervising children) when the shadows on our shed wall struck a chord and set me running for my camera. I did take a piccy of the shed wall, but didn’t stop there and ventured out into our front yard to see what else I could find.

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Man running - Piccaninnie Ponds Beach

My photography

My photography has been neglected of late, mainly because I’m not getting out of the house as much as I used to and I’d like a new camera. Consequently, there has been hardly any mention of it here on my blog.

So I thought I’d remedy that by doing a short post on some of my attempts at taking a decent picture.

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