30 Days of creativity: Day 1 – sprinkling a mermaid

Today was filled with work and a mad dash to an important deadline…which I managed to make with ten minutes to spare…YEAH! If I wanted to be pedantic, I could say that creating an online newsletter and playing with graphics all days fulfills my creativity quota for today, but since I’m allotting this challenge to my artwork outside of work…well, not so much.

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Goblin librarian

29 Faces wrap up

I just sat down and drew and as I drew she got uglier and uglier and soon that ugly was doing its best to camouflage the fact that my perspective skills suck big time and it began claiming that the wonky eye is just a natural deformity for a goblin librarian.

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Gumnut inspirations icon

Upcomings on Gumnut Inspirations

Here’s a quick heads up for the two challenges I’m hoping to combine in June. I’m new to both of these (links in the images above), but they look fun and should have me posting every day, and hopefully creating everyday in some form or another (I have to, I have far too many WIPs sitting around here that I need to finish). Anyone who would like to join me in either of these endeavours, jump in, I’d love to have company, it makes it more fun.

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yellow-purple wip2a

Unknown expression

I have to say that I don’t think I’ll get 29 faces done, but for what I do get done, it has been a valuable exercise. I have at least one painting in mind from one of the sketches and another proved to me that I actually know more about faces than I thought I did and it has boosted my confidence in that area

This week I only managed a paltry one and not a good one at that.

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mosaic closeup

Monthly Painters Challenge – Opposite colours

I entered a new challenge this month, the Monthly Painters’ Challenge over on Facebook. I was honoured to have been accepted into it in April and I spent most of the month pondering exactly what I was going to do for it.

The challenge was ‘Opposite Colours’, and my initial thought involved a few creatures emerging from a colour wheel and fighting it out. It was a good idea and I could have drawn it, but I felt it was too cartoony and if I did colour it, it would have been in watercolour and my current bunch of art is in acrylics, so I pondered some more.

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Mermaid still a work in progress

Mermaid still a work-in-progress

And here I am still painting my mermaid. It is taking forever because I only have small amounts of time to attend to it. I ended up setting it up inside and working by my desk lamp. Not the best, but at least I can pick it up and leave it when I have to. I much prefer painting outside on a sunny day, but alas, winter is coming here and the days are getting cold and windy.

But! I have made some progress. Still a way to go, but getting there slowly.

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