Art Not-Quite-Every Day Month & Drawing Lab Challenge results – catch up week

Okay, I blew it today. Busy all day, visitors, a trip to the doc’s for Izzy (she’s fine), and I traded my last little bit of doodle time for a shower. I did start a doodle, but barely had time to do anything and I’m exhausted. So no art today 🙁

So, why am I posting? Cos I wanna ::grin:: So here is a piece I prepared earlier…about five years earlier.

Blue Grass Lily, soft pastel on black pastel paper.

Those of you who have been following me since the Creative Colour Challenge might know that I’m a recent learner of the soft pastel medium. Well, here is my first ever pastel drawing (and first time drawing on a black background, too). According to my journal of the time, it took me an hour and a half back in 2005. Five years ago? I thought I said I was new? I am (though not at talking to myself :D). I did a small amount of experimenting back then, a handful of half finished drawings. Then I got pregnant in 2007 and didn’t touch the things again until June this year.

And I kinda like this little sketch. Just thinking now what I could do with the same subject with all my recent experience….hmmm, might be worth playing with.

Drawing Lab Challenge – how did you all do? Did you manage to catch up or expand on a previous Lab experiment? I did some doodling with lots and lots of swirls which caught me up on Challenge #4, but I haven’t revisited anything.

Tomorrow a new Lab Challenge. I hope those of you doing Art Every Day Month can weave it into your schedules.

(sleep is an inconvenience)