Afterwards, acrylic on board, approx. 300 x 300 mm.

I’ve been meaning to attempt an Illustration Friday challenge for some time now. This week’s is ‘afterwards’ and after one busted attempt to fulfill it, I thought that yet again I would miss it. But late this afternoon I came up with a sudden simple idea that ties in with my interest in colour and my experiments in acrylic. I didn’t have much time to do it tonight as nights here are always busy with the kids, so it was a gamble to even get my paints out. But I did it.

Likely the fastest painting I’ve ever done in my life, it took me around an hour from blank to complete. Incidently it was warm here today and at the rate the paint was drying (I couldn’t be bothered to add a retarder), I had to work really quick anyway. Consequently, I found myself painting in a way I had never painted before. Lots of dry brush and strokes that only hinted at form, rather than clearly defined it. very unusual for me the perfectionist.

Afterwards, detail.

It’s slapdash, but I kinda like it just for that reason. I think it gives it more energy (despite the photograph not being as good as it could be).

Incidently, does anyone have any idea of the concept behind it? What did I illustrate? I suspect it isn’t as clear as it could be. But hey, it was fun πŸ˜€

Afterwards, where I painted it on the back porch, lit by the setting sun.

(who has never done so much artwork in such a short time in her entire life…even without the kids!)