AEDM – Day 5 and Drawing Lab Challenge #5

Hmm, a convergence of fives 😀

Today’s art was just as scarce as my previous two, except the one doodle I managed to start and poke at for the previous two days has now been completed.

Wind, pen on fineliner paper, approx. 200 x 100 mm.

Back in 2006, Hubby and I went on the best holiday we had ever had (well, that I’ve ever had anyway :D). We took a driving holiday in Western Australia, a wildflower paradise. Anyways, while travelling up the coast towards Geraldton, we passed some wind sculpted trees – Wikipedia has a piccy. They’ve stuck in my mind ever since. And they were a major influence on my brain when I drew this. Not quite as bent, and a touch more active, I’m really happy with the movement in this doodle.

Maybe I’ll get something other than a doodle done tomorrow ::crosses fingers::


Time to bend your brain…

This is the fifth challenge post for the Drawing Lab Challenge. Grab your copy of ‘Drawing lab for mixed media artists: 52 creative exercises to make drawing fun‘ and join us as we tackle the book together. Details of the challenge and joining can be found here.

This week the challenge is…

Lab 19 (Page 58).

This one should have some interesting results.

Have at it!

(let’s see if I can let go of control)