A Green Glow in the night

A Piece a Week 2013 Paint Party Friday

I am so happy to have actually completed my second Piece a Week this year. I didn’t start it this year, but the important thing to me is to COMPLETE at least one piece a week this year. I’m also submitting this for Paint Party Friday as I don’t have anything else to share and I did paint!

This piece is the second in my Rainbow series and all it is awaiting is a final coat of gel and then varnish (unless I decide to add something else to it, I might let it sit a couple of days just to be sure).

Green glow

Green Glow (working title), acrylic on canvas, approx. 460 x 460mm.

This is proving to be a particularly hard piece to photograph. The blue on the edges appears much darker in real life and a lot of that is reflection off the gloss.

Here’s a close up…

Green Glow close up

The technique I’ve used involves painting the background graduated from white to yellow to green to dark blue, then mixing some fluid acrylics with self-leveling gel (or pouring medium I guess if you were using another brand) and then pouring the blue and green onto the canvas to create the texture. After that, I’ve glazed several times over the colours until I’ve gotten the graduated and textured effect that I like. Over the top of that I have painted the tree and sculpted its branches and trunk with some extra heavy gel/molding paste to give it some depth. This is the part I may or may not add more to as I’ve actually run out of molding paste (I have a bucket’s worth on order due for delivery any day now) and the trunk may or may not need a little more. I also need to resist the urge to add bling to the painting 😀 for some reason I have the urge to add rhinestones or something sparkly and the concept isn’t really needed in this painting.

So now onto next week’s piece…which one will I focus on now?

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