Month: August 2015

  • Retrospective – Sunflower I

    There was a period in the history of this blog where I stopped posting for whatever reason, but didn’t stop painting. So there are a handful of paintings that were never documented here. So I thought I would share one of those.

  • Hands number six and seven

    This post follows on from 100 hands and, funnily enough, has more hands 😀

  • Paint Party Friday – Gungurru Dawn

    Aaargh! I had hoped to have this finished to show for PPF, but I haven’t had time, plus there were at least two days this week where I came home from work and just crashed (well, after the evening routine with the kids, anyway, gone are the days of relaxing straight after work).

  • Goodies in the post

    Some time ago I received an email from Golden Paints. Yes, the guys who make our wonderfully lush acrylics and mediums.

  • Scribbling dragons

    This week’s sketching has been revolving around finding a new dragon to paint.