Stone Wisteria WIP2

Stone Wisteria – Artful Creations Day 26

It is amazing how the simplest thing can influence the direction of a painting. A friend of mine took one look at a WIP of mine and mentioned that it reminded her of wisteria. My brain latched onto the idea and now my abstract, random, I-don’t-know-what-it-is painting is now wisteria 😀 Thank you my dear friend.

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Flying Spark

Flying Spark – Artful Creations Days 11 & 12

I love one word challenges. They can take me just about anywhere and have me creating just about anything. The Flying Spark is a daily word to do just that. Every day, using Twitter, there will be a word to spark inspiration. It appears here on this blog to the right top, or you can subscribe to it on Twitter, even get it delivered to your phone everyday. It is for when you need that little extra push, for when you are stuck. If today’s word isn’t the clincher, there are plenty of words inthe Flying Spark archives on Twitter to play with. The important thing is stoking your creative fire. You must create!

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Moonlit Mermaid

Arty daydreams – Artful Creations Day 10

You ever have those days where you spend hours doing the ‘have to’ tasks, but while you are doing them, all you can think of doing is your ‘want to’ tasks? And you keep yourself going throughout the day looking forward to when you have completed all the have-tos and can play – only to get to that moment and be too exhausted, or it is too late, or not enough time left to do any of those things you dreamt about all day?

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