Artful Creations

New Challenge in the New Year

This one is being held by fellow Aussie, Janine Whitling and I think it might be a good idea for me to start posting more regularly here. So in the New Year, expect to hear more from me, more about me, and me sharing the work of fellow artists (with a slight emphasis on Aussie Artists).

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Giant Squid wip6

The squid report – making progress

Life has been busy of late, but there has been art. There have also been business developments, a piece of artwork I can’t share as I’ve submitted it to a competition, and various explorations in both bubblepainting and Pollock-esque paint delivery. More on those later, but now…The Squid Report!

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From a volcano

This is a photo of the view from our front yard. You’re looking at the peak of an extinct ( or according to some people, dormant) volcano. We’re parked between the two major craters – this is the pinnacle of the Valley Lake crater. Behind us is the larger crater of the Blue Lake. We’re at Mount Gambier and because I have a memory like a sieve, this is my first Reverb post.

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